A collections of links to resources and tools which I find useful for my own work or otherwise recommend.


  • TUNL Nuclear Data Project — Collection of experimental data and references for light nuclei.
  • NN-Online — Quick and easy access to nucleon-nucleon/hyperon scattering data.
  • BUQEYE — Great resource for rigorous uncertainty quantification in theoretical physics. Collects publications, talks, and software packages.
  • TALENT — Training in Advanced Low-Energy Nuclear Theory. Great summer courses for graduate students.


  • CppCon — The C++ conference, held yearly. Many great talks available online, watch for fun and education!
  • Learn You a Haskell For Great Good! — The ultimate stepping stone into the joys of functional programming. Free online book.
  • Git SCM — Excellent resource for learning and using Git. A great place to start (if you’re not using Git already), and useful as reference otherwise.


  • Remark.js — Browser-based slideshows written in Markdown. Produces great-looking results with minimal effort. Supports seemless combination of Markdown, HTML, CSS, and LaTeX via MathJax.
  • DeckTape — Produces PDFs from browser-based slideshows.
  • Inkscape — Open-source vector graphics editor, prodcues SVG files which can conveniently be used with remark.js/DeckTape.
  • Veusz — Open-source scientific plotting software. Written in Pyhton and featuring a clean modern graphical user interface.


  • WebPlotDigitizer — Useful when you need the data but only have a plotted figure.